South Korean Light Show Reminds Citizens to Stay Safe Amid Pandemic

July 13, 2020 nuttyboy No Comments

South Korea has been famously effective in the battle against COVID-19. But as fears of a “second wave” of the virus threaten the relative peace of the country, its government is sent gratitude to its frontline workers while reminding civilians not to let down their guard and they did it in a unique way.

This weekend, in a display reminiscent of a Fourth of July fireworks show, the Korean government held a drone light show over the Han River in the capital city of Seoul.

The Show

The 10-minute display was sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. It used 300 drones to form images and messages in the night sky. Seoul residents were able to enjoy the show outdoors while keeping a proper distance from one another.

The display began with messages reminding people to wear masks, wash their hands, and observe physical distancing rules. The drone lights then rearranged into a message of thanks to doctors, nurses, and medical professionals.

For the finale, the drones formed an outline of the Korean Peninsula. Overlaid was the message: “Cheer up, Republic of Korea.”


A Test to Morale

While South Korea has had one of the most robust and effective responses to the coronavirus, public morale seems to be waning. Mask-wearing, in particular, has proven a challenge in the summer heat. And while the issue has not been politicized the way it has in the United States, police have recorded some 840 fights triggered by people choosing not to wear masks, mostly on public transit. South Korean media has dubbed it “mask rage.”

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