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There are some things which are very much needed in our everyday life. Well, the Calculator has become one of those things. It is not only needed while doing maths but to calculate the regular quantity of things too. So if you are wondering where to find a good calculator, let us tell you that the HiPER Scientific Calculator is the one for you.

HiPER scientific Calculator is one of the most famous calculators, and it has a record of sixteen million downloads till now. It has earned over 000 5 superstar scores as well. The Calculator can have a hundred digits of significand and nine digits of exponent.

It has the ability to detect the reparation of decimals. You can add fractions or turn a number into fractions through it. You are allowed to note down the expressions naturally and see the calculations. It calculates easily.

However, you can find various layouts according to your screen size. You can have “pocket” for small devices, for smartphones, you can have “compact” both in portrait and landscape orientation, and finally, “extended” is here for tablets. Multiple displays can also be turned on. What else do you need in a Calculator? Go for it once!

What's new

- Sums and products
- Hyperbolic trigonometric equations
- All expression roots on the display
- Integration of expressions with constants (e.g. "sin(nx)")
- Improved integration of compound fractions
- Language settings
- Russian language

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